5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate this Year’s Christmas in Finland

Like many other countries, Christmas in Finland is also celebrated at its fullest. Families and friends arrange parties and go out together to enjoy Christmas. They either make arrangements at home or rent cottages in the countryside. But nonetheless, they like to keep it special with their unique Christmas traditions. They have preserved their Christmas culture for decades now, and the unique tradition shows why they did it. You will be craving to experience Finnish food, culture, and traditions the moment you hear about them. The Christmas goods with great brand reviews in Finland are also worth checking. So, if you are planning to go out for Christmas with your family, Finland should be one of your top choices.

Top reasons to visit Finland for this year’s Christmas!

Following are the top reasons to visit Finland for this year’s Christmas and have a whole new experience.

Finnish Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions in Finland have a special place in Finnish hearts. They inherited these traditions from their ancestors with pride. Their Christmas traditions are incomplete without their families and friends. If you plan to go with your family or friends, you will really love the vibes there. There are many fun activities for you and your family. Some of them include the following:

  • Visits to the Christmas sauna and church, and the cemetery on the eve.
  • Listening to Christmas carols.
  • Opening the Christmas calendar.
  • Lighting Advent candles.

Christmas peace declaration is the most popular in Finland. It takes place at Turku’s Old Market Square. The Finnish have adopted this since the 17th century.

Christmas food

Christmas food in Finland is another reason why you should be spending your Christmas in Finland. The number of food items on Christmas days is uncountable. Here are some of these special options you will have:

  • Rice porridge
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Christmas pastries
  • Rutabaga casserole
  • Plum jelly

Christmas ham is the most popular dish there and is prepared in a number of unique ways. Eating a lot and slowly is also part of this tradition.

Christmas carols in Finland

Christmas in Finland can’t be completed without the Christmas carols. As this tradition keeps advancing every year, you will get to hear new songs as well as the classics which have been among the favorites in Finland for decades. The Finnish also appreciate many foreign Christmas songs. Events are also organized where people gather in a group to sing or listen to these songs. These events are mostly held in churches or other public places. If you are fond of songs, you will have a fun time there.

Christmas parties

The Christmas parties in Finland are also arranged with great passion. The celebrations begin even before the Christmas holidays. There are pre-Christmas parties arranged by various communities, groups of friends, or workplaces.

Christmas openings and the markets

The Christmas celebrations in Finland start in November with Christmas opening events. These events are mostly organized in the markets. The events include music concerts and lightning shows with Christmas lights. In the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, there is a live music program with Santa and disco elves. The Christmas goods available in the markets also grab people’s attention.

The Final Verdict

There remains no doubt that Finland is home to Christmas. Their passion for Christmas is rare and has been with them for decades. The fantastic food, culture, and traditions that you will find there during the holidays can surely be a great Christmas experience for you and your family.